Change Incorporated

Change Incorporated is a new, purpose-driven media company owned by VICE

Right now we’re focused on the UK, but soon we’ll be going global. Unfortunately, until then, you can’t access our website from your location.

The oceans continue to fill with plastic. The planet gets hotter. Chronic health issues continue to claim our loved ones. It’s clear that something isn’t working. At the same time, big businesses talk about their sustainability and responsibility credentials. But what are they actually doing about it?

Change Incorporated exists to create measurable, positive change, funded by the companies at the heart of the world’s most controversial, most crucial issues.

Want to be a part of it? Keep checking back to see if we’ve reached your country.

Our first mission: Quit cigarettes

Smoking is still the largest cause of premature death in the world, killing 6 million people each year. A deserving target for change, we think.

So as our first mission, we’re aiming to get people to quit cigarettes. We aim to reach the world, but to start with we need to see what really works. That’s why we’re focusing on the UK.

40% of VICE’s audience in the UK currently smokes, compared with the national average of around 15%. 60% say they want to quit cigarettes. We are setting out to help them - and the millions of others across the country who really want to ditch a dying habit.

This mission is probably one of the last things you’d expect to be funded by a tobacco company (which is not named here due to regulatory restrictions in your country). But we’re here to do whatever it takes. It’s time for hard truth – and real change. We believe that a company that has been at the heart of this problem needs to be part of the solution.

We are completely independent, with editorial control. We are totally fearless. Let’s find out if we’re right.

Are we noble, or naive? We want to hear from you.

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